TKM Inquiries Essay

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Chapter Inquiries

Phase 1:

1 . Chapter one is an introduction. Employing specific estimates, identify this: A. Setting

" In stormy weather the streets looked to red slop; grass grew on the sidewalks, the court hosue sagged in the square. ” [Page 6] [Paragraph 2] B. Sign of Conflict

" Mrs. Radley ran yelling into the road that Arthur was eradicating them all” [Page 13] [Paragraph 5] C. Point of View

" I did not miss her, but I think Jem did. ” [Page 7] [Paragraph 2] 2 . Locate a sentence which in turn reveals the next:

A. Racial Intolerance

" A Negro will not pass the Radley place at night, he would cut across to the sidewalk opposite and whistle although he walked” [Page 11] [Paragraph 1] B. Awareness of difference in social classes

" Simon lived to the impressive grow older and died rich” [Page 4] [Paragraph 1] 3. List that which we know about Disapprove Radley for sure

•Suffered from a mental illness

•Has hardly ever left the Radley Place

•When he was 13 this individual tried to destroy his friends and family

•He can be 6 and a half feet extra tall

•Jagged scar in the face

•Yellow rotten teeth

•Eyes popped, drooled

5. Briefly describe why the kids are captivated by Boo Radley

The youngsters were fascinated with Boo Radley because everybody knew regarding Boo's previous, there were many rumors about the man, and no one has seen him 5. What do you learn regarding May Comb, Atticus Finch and his relatives? •Maycomb

вћўOld, rundown town


вћўSmall population

вћўGloomy and rainy

•Atticus Finch and Family

вћўAtticus is a attorney

вћўWife died 2 years after Scout's labor and birth

вћўChildren: Jem (Boy: 8) Scout (Girl: 4)

вћўCalpurnia is their particular nanny, she's an Black she at home cooks for the family skinny, near sighted

Chapter a couple of:

1 . How come the tutor, Miss. Caroline Fischer become annoyed with Scout? Ms. Caroline Fisher (21) received annoyed at Scout for being literate and loving to see and learning to read via Atticus. installment payments on your How experienced Scout discovered to read and write?...