The kite Runner Article

Reading Queries for The Kite Athlete

Chapters 1-5

1 . The novel begins with a flashback. What do you imagine is its purpose? So what do you learn regarding the narrator? 2 . Complete the stand below examining each character. Defend the analysis with text sources.

Describe the character physically.

How do others feel about this figure?

Describe the character's activities toward other folks.

Important estimates by/about this kind of character






3. a. What does this mean to be Hazara, Shi'a Muslim, Afghanistan's minority group? Who, thus far, is Hazara? b. How much does it imply to be Pashtun, Sunni Muslim, Afghanistan's majority group? Who in the tale, thus far, is definitely Pashtun?

4. Who is Sanaubar? How luxury ? contrasted to Amir's mom?

5. Identify Baba's ideals. How does this individual relate to incredibly religious commanders?

6. What is Assef's origins? What is his political eyesight?

7. What happens between Assef/Wali/Kamal and Amir/Hassan? What does Assef threaten (foreshadow)?

Chapters 6 to 9

8. So why do young boys in Afghanistan during the wintertime of 1975 have gashes on their hands? 9. What is the proudest moment of twelve-year-old Amir's life as described in Chapter six? 10. Amir says, " I opened up my mouth area and almost said something…The rest of my life might have turned out in different ways if I experienced. ” What makes those words and phrases important? What do you think of Amir's behavior? 11. Precisely what is the significance of the two thoughts and fantasy that Amir describes as he sits inside the alley? doze. What does Amir ask of Baba that produces Baba upset? What does Baba say in response? 13. How much does Assef provide Amir intended for his birthday and why is this significant? 14. Exactly what does Amir put under Hassan's mattress? Why does he take action? Hassan about this, what does Hassan say? Why does Baba's reaction shock Amir? What happens to Hassan...