SWOT of Polo Rob Lauren Dissertation

Jabari Miller



Apr 12, 2013

SWOT of Polo Ralph Lauren


One power is that Rob Lauren's retail stores focus on presenting the " World of Ralph Lauren” by providing a wide selection of luxurious products to customers. This is a power because Polo Ralph Lauren is a premier global participant in the design and style, distribution, and marketing of lifestyle items such as gents, women's and children's attire, accessories, fragrances and house furnishing. Another strength is that the largest component to its income come from their wholesale department, which offers Ralph Lauren products to department stores Ralph Lauren provides taken finish control of its brand in Asia rendering more control of the company. It is because the company has managed to conquer analyst quotes in an especially poor season to get consumer spending through handling costs and increased sales in Europe. Ralph Lauren's procedures fall under three primary categories: Wholesale, Price tag, and Certification. The company can easily target a large range of customers through its romance with huge department stores by Europe to Asia and America. Rob Lauren's price tag segment runs through the sequence of 326 retail and factory stores, as well as the company's online store. Ralph Lauren sponsors Wimbledon and dresses all the line and ball kids in their company clothing, evidently showing the enduring and unforgettable horse style.


One option is that the selling presence serves as a platform for Ralph Lauren to launch fresh lines and keep brand strength. Ralph Lauren views internet sales like a prime supply of future development. One essential area of growth in Low cost could be the advancement private brands with malls, like the American Living brand Polo offers launched in partnership with J. C. Penney (JCP). This is a possibility because Rob Lauren's expansion plans, Polo Ralph Lauren's American Living line pertaining to J. C. Penney first showed in six hundred stores...