Robotics Dissertation

Target of Project

To develop an automatic vehicle that might follow dark-colored electrical strapping lines placed on the Austin lab floor.

Features of Control

I am using the clocks, I/O pins, and ADC10 on the MSP430G2231 Nick. This chip is placed on the Launchpad board. The MSP430G2231 chip can be run from 1 ) 8V to 3. 6V, contains a 16-Bit RISC Architecture, and will handle time clock rates of to 16MHz. It also has a 16 tad timer, and a 10-Bit 200ksps A/D converter.

Equipment Design


OPB742 Emitter and Detector

OPB742 Emitter and Metal detector

Description: Power: A six. 5V nickel-metal-hydride battery is definitely attached to both a several. 3V and 5. 0V regulator. The 5V limiter provides capacity to the L293NE Dual H-Bridge and the MARCHAR LEDs inside the OPB742 emitter and metal detector package. The 3. 3V regulator powers the detectors in the OPB742 emitter and metal detector package plus the MSP430 processor chip. The several. 5V from your battery can also be connected to the L293NE's motor electric power pin to power both geared POWER motors that drive the car's two wheels.

Common sense: With every thing powered appropriately, the MSP430 will convert the voltages output from your IR mild detectors in to digital values. This is done on pins 1 . one particular and 1 . 3 in the MSP430 by the A/D. With respect to the surfaces the detectors are over, different values will be registered by the MSP430 processor chip because distinct amounts of mild from the MARCHAR emitters will probably be reflected back in the detectors. The MSP430 will respond to the different ideals by establishing the appropriate control pins, connected to the H-bridges, everywhere to drive the car along a series placed on the earth. Pins 1 ) 2 and 1 . some go to the H-bridge's right part control pins and buy-ins 1 . your five and 1 ) 7 to the left side control pins. In cases like this the two allow pins around the H-bridge nick are tied to 5V since they should continually be enabled. Photos: OPB742 Emitters and Sensors

5. 0V Regulator

L293NE Chip several. 3V Regulator

MSP430 Processor chip

Top Watch

OPB742 Emitters and Sensors

Front Watch...