Nursing: Integrity Paper


Integrity Paper

Nov, 23 2012

The article, " Nursing involvement in euthanasia: ‘a nursing-as-healing-praxis' approach”, landscapes euthanasia as an ethical problem. Nurses' should not be capable to perform functions of euthanasia because they are regarded as healers and if euthanasia may be justified in any way, those away from the nursing profession must administer this. The ‘nursing-as-healing-praxis' approach can be used to defend the argument. This approach includes the moral purpose of nursing as well as the virtues essential for realizing that goal. Euthanasia is a deliberate work that causes loss of life undertaken by one person together with the primary intention of ending the life of another in order to either reduce that person's suffering or perhaps on the grounds that the individual's life is not worth living. (McCabe) Good reasons for getting a stand for euthanasia is that it provides a quick method to relieve pain, provides pain relief when a person's life is quickly fading aside, and frees the health attention system via financial strain and enables them to work with their money individuals. The reasons for taking a stand against euthanasia is that it really is moral situation among physicians who have diverse views, this shows zero respect with this gift of life, and religion tells us that Our god is the just one who can have life as they gives it. Nurses should have picked this job because they wanted to help and care for others to not take lives. (McCabe) Prior to reading this document my opinion upon euthanasia was that it is wrong and should not exist. Picture a world in which individuals believe suicide is a answer to sickness; where the patients at private hospitals are killed by healthcare professionals instead of cured for their health issues. In this contemporary society, people consider their lives have become worthless and are no more worth living and we do not need to accept people with terminal ailments because they are basically thrown away before they become a great...