English Celebrity Essay

Medications, alcohol, cash, family, supporters, and a heck of a ride are generally positives and negatives related to Fame. All of these pros and cons are displayed within just Asturias in which a group of teenagers go through diverse stages to reach fame. They are also demonstrated within my TOYOCS of " Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy and " Nearly Famous” by simply Cameron Crowe. The image representations My spouse and i provided almost all symbolize different facets of popularity. Money

There is certainly often a thought in many people head that " fame = cash. ” This could come from persons purchasing the merchandise or even through companies sponsoring you. This notion of " fame = money” is reinforced in Asturias when we are told about Time and how " He was now much wealthier than his parents”. This lets us know going through the complete process of popularity really can result in wealth. On-page 71 The title is named " The Yellow-Brick Road. ” A technique utilized here is meaning with " the yellow-brick” giving us an recommendation of money/gold and the word " road” which can be construed as a trip or pathway to celebrity and lot of money. There are related lines/lyrics displayed in the song " Billionaire” such as " I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, acquire all of the issues I under no circumstances had. ” The technique presented below would be the make use of rhyme to find the guests attention, which at the same time gives presents us with the proven fact that once fame is come to, it quickly means money. The film " Almost Famous” likewise supports this but in a relatively negative approach. " somebody who marketed you to Simple Pie to get $50 and a case of beer” will be words employed by Russell for gambling desk. We are demonstrated that money still relates but does not always mean as much as before becoming famous. Drugs and Alcohol

Despite every one of the wonderful items we hear about fame, there are plenty of downsides which are not shown such as the use of medications and alcoholic beverages. This doesn't mean that all superstars undergo this stage, but it really would be appealing with all the money. In Asturias with the range " Tim was ingesting too much and...