Compare and Contrast 2 theories Dissertation

Message board 3. one particular Application of a Grand Theory

Virginia Henderson (1897-1996) can be described as Nursing Grand Theorist who was often referred to as the " initial lady of nursing. ” In the document by Perfectly (2011) this depicts how she developed a breastfeeding model which can be based on activities of daily living. She believed that medical as a job stood independently from treatments. In this article, I had been able to comprehend how Henderson's theory can be applied to the specialized part of organ gift for transplantation. It is reflected that though organ coordinators are from different backgrounds just like: allied wellness professions, physicians' assistants, and paramedics, the majority of them are " registered nursing staff. ” Effectively (2011) shows 14 several activities that Henderson discovered for patient assistance which usually would allow patients to return to independence: " eating and drinking, elimination of body waste, appealing posture/sleep and rest, select suitable clothes: dress and undress, keeping away from dangers in the environment and avoid injuring others, maintaining body temperature within normal range, grooming/protecting the integument, communication with others, praise according to one's hope, play and recreation, find out and discover” (Nicely, 2011, p. 73). Henderson's activities reflect on just how nurses provides a good foundation in which they will become more proficient in their abilities to provide take care of their patients. She burdened the importance to get including the patient's family. In her theory, Henderson declares the " the difficulty and top quality of the service is limited simply by the thoughts and the competence of the health professional who expresses it” (Nicely, 2011, s. 77). The content extrapolates incredibly good items about how essential it is for the registered nurse to work with the family, plus the patient. The other article I selected by Merritt and Procter is permitted, " Conceptualizing the practical role of mental health consultation...

Referrals: Merritt, M. K. & Procter, N. (2010). Conceptualising the functional role of mental wellness consultation-liaison nurse in multi-morbidity, using Peplau's nursing theory. Contemporary Health professional 34(2). 158-166.


Perfectly, B., & DeLario, G. T. (2011). Virginia Henderson's principles and practice of nursing placed on organ monetary gift after head death. Improvement in hair transplant, 21(1), 72-77.