Biography: Friendship and New Country-the Holland Essay


I'm Vu Thanh Lam, 22 year-old. I was created on a nice, sunny time in September 23rd in Hanoi, Vietnam. I had put in 21 years in Hanoi with mother and father, my friends and my beautiful cat. From now on, I'm started a new life in a new country-the Holland. I had a cozy, happy at any time childhood with my family which i still recalled that my father used to encourage me with reading ebooks; my mom taught myself how to make, my brother and I had a " lovely fighting time ". When I was in secondary institution, my brother was going abroad, after that around 12 years he is residing in Germany. I actually totally content because I have a good friend specific zones and a fantastic boyfriend about me. I like cat. My own super simple dream is having a house with cats and a small back garden. For me, twenty one years in Hanoi these kinds of a perfect second I have ever before! Who We am anytime.

My name is Vu Thanh Lam. I started out school when I was six years-old. I can say my personal study life is just normal as every child. Coming from elementary school to high school, then going to university, I was a regular student, however for all of occasions and entertainment programs at school, I was happy to attend. I like building a network, such as producing lots of friends and buddie when I was at school, instead of studying like a " crazy scholar”. I actually considered personally as a sociable girl. My local freinds call me personally as a " funny person” because I like to tell an amusing story to avoid the negative thinking. While i was in third year in Dainam University in Vietnam, I decided to visit Saxion to end my this past year in the Netherland. This is a choice that would modify my life forever. What life means to me personally.

Life in my opinion means parents- friends-boyfriends- felines. I'm pretty much on the happy side of life, like all young adults I do have got my " day of”. That means I really do have some sad days or depressed days and nights that I have a truly best friend that kind of look out for me personally and when Now i'm having a poor day, I have someone only at school approach. I often times have a day away with my local freinds or with boyfriend...