Anti-Takeover Approaches Essay

Mergers and Buy


1 . Growth installment payments on your Synergy NAV = PVab – ( PVa & PVb ) – S – Elizabeth 3. Bureaucratic efficiency four. Market access 5. Variation 6. Taxes shields 7. Strategic A few unstated reasons for acquisitions: 1 ) Megalomania 2 . Hubris heart Forms of Organization Combinations

1 ) Consolidation: result: a new company e. g. Sandoz & Ciba Geigy = Novartis 2 . Combination: result: merely one survive elizabeth. g. HDFC BK + TIMES BK = HDFC 3. Takeovers: control over mgmt thru substantive portion of it is equity. elizabeth. g. Credit Swiss Group controlled 1st Boston's Mgmt thru Equity acquisition. Both remained available. 4. Asset purchases: A buyout a division or perhaps assets of T e. g. Skol paid Rs 170Cr to Parle due to the Soft drinks brands like Thumps up, Limca, Gold Place, etc . The Acquisition Method

1 . Obtain Search

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a. Passive Strategy

m. Active Technique

3. Value

a. Cheaper Cash Flow Method

b. Comparable Companies Approach

c. Book Value Method

d. Market Value Method

some. Negotiation

5. Due Diligence

six. Acquisition Financing


1 . Opportunistic

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3. Planned

Kinds of Corporate Downsizing

1 . Spin-Off

A new legal entity is made to takeover the functions of an existing division. The Shares from the new unit is sent out pro ro?a among the existing share holders. 2 . Split-Off

A new legal entity is established to takeover the businesses of an existing division. The Shares of parent company are exchanged for the shares with the new co. Hence the share-holding in the new business does not reveal the talk about holding of the parent organization. 3. Split-Up

A complete breakup of a organization into two or more and parent firm ceases to can be found. 4. Equity Carveouts

Alteration of existing division or unit in a wholly owned or operated subsidiary. Cause positive cashflow. 5. Divestitures

Overall sale of a portion of the company to outsiders. The organization receives buy consideration by means of cash or securities or both. The Divestitures Method

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